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What is important for energy-saving heating or cooling?

To make the right choice for energy-saving heating or cooling, we need to take several factors into account;

    • the age and location of the building,
    • its construction characteristics,
    • the possibility of obtaining grants from the ECO Fund,
    • our wishes and, last but not least, the amount of resources at our disposal.

There are many modern and energy-saving solutions available, and each has its own advantages.

To help you decide, we have prepared an overview of the different energy-saving heating systems, describing the benefits and suitability for different buildings.

Heat pumps

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Solar system

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Economical heating with

renewable sources

Energy prices and the associated heating costs force us to think carefully about the heating source we choose for renovation or new construction. Modern heating systems are mostly based on renewable sources, mainly because of their accessibility, convenience, price and commitment to environmental protection.

Heating systems:
  • Biomass boilers
  • Heat pumps
  • Fireplaces
  • Solar systems
  • Heating systems with

    gas, oil and electricity

    Energy products such as oil, gas and electricity are subject to changes according to international markets, so prices can fluctuate significantly. Nevertheless, they remain relevant especially for those users for whom it is important that their heating system offers: high comfort, security of energy supply, low emissions, economy - in terms of maximum boiler efficiency.

    Heating systems:

    Oil boilers

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    Gas boilers

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    Air conditioners

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    Heating, cooling and ventilation systems

    What options do we have ?

    If you have a new building, then it is definitely worth considering underfloor heating/cooling. The way in which heat is radiated into a room is significantly different with underfloor heating (floor, ceiling, wall) than with radiator heating. An important advantage of underfloor heating is the larger heating surface, which radiates 50 to 80 % of heat.

    In buildings where surface heating/cooling is not possible, air-conditioning units are selected for cooling, in conjunction with a conventional heating system.

    Heating, cooling and ventilation systems:


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