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Mito Idro pellet stove, water
Mito Idro pellet stove, water

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Mito Idro pellet stove, water

The EDILKAMIN Mito Idro pellet stove is used as a heat source in various heating systems. Smaller buildings can be heated with radiators or underfloor heating and hot water can be produced with the wood-burning stove, depending on the hydraulic connection chosen.

Key features of the Mito Idro pellet stove

  • The Mito Idro pellet stove has an efficiency of 91.6 % and a rated output of 16.2 kW,
  • 30 kg pellet hopper,
  • the stove independently adjusts its operating power according to the energy consumption of the system,
  • the possibility of switching on a fan to heat the air around the stove,
  • the built-in advanced control system automatically adjusts the combustion depending on the quality of the pellets,
  • The Mito Idro pellet stove has a combustion control system and a system for self-cleaning ash residues from the burner,
  • a flue pipe with a diameter of 8 cm is required for the flue gas outlet. The flue gas from the fireplace is discharged from the rear,
  • combustion air intake from outside,
  • the firebox is made of grey alloy, ensuring a long service life,
  • the necessary elements for safe operation, such as an expansion tank, a circulation pump and safety valves, are installed,
  • a digital interface controls and monitors key parameters of the stove,
  • The controller allows you to set a weekly or daily time programme,
  • a remote control is included for convenient operation of the wood-burning stove,
  • The Mito Idro is made of high-quality ceramic and has a top-quality design,
  • Optionally, the fireplace can be controlled via a GSM interface.

Technical data for the Mito Idro pellet stove

Mito Idro

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