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Heat storage for Seltron heat pumps

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Heat storage for Seltron heat pumps

The heat store is one of the key components of a heat pump that is used to store heat. The stored heat is then fed to different consumers depending on the needs of the heating system. The storage tank allows the heat pump to operate more efficiently, stably and flexibly, leading to reduced wear and tear, extended plant life and reduced energy consumption.

Optimising heat pumps with storage

A storage tank, powered by a heat pump, is used to store a heated or cooled liquid as a heat transfer medium. This storage tank also provides a hydraulic damper function, which reduces the frequency of switching the heat pump on and off, thereby increasing its efficiency and lifetime. In addition, it enables the hydraulic balancing of the system by distributing the heat load evenly between the different circuits of the heating system.

Storage capacities for heat pumps

  • Multiple heat sources and consumers can be connected to a heat store.
  • The individual heating source shall be connected in accordance with its temperature characteristics
    to the different zones of the storage tank.
  • The heat store has a built-in connection for a temperature sensor.
  • Wall or floor mounting.
  • Suitable for heating or cooling.

Heat storage for heat pumps

Nominal storage volume40 l60 l100 l200 l
Insulation thickness50 mm50 mm50 mm50 mm
Diameter of the storage tank with insulation400 mm400 mm400 mm480 mm
Height with insulation460 mm620 mm930 mm1270 mm
Maximum operating temperature95 °C95 °C95 °C95 °C
Minimum operating temperature6 °C6 °C6 °C6 °C
Maximum working pressure3 bar3 bar3 bar3 bar
Mass of the storage tank18 kg22 kg30 kg56 kg
Energy classCCCC

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