TS Flat-plate collectors
TS flat-plate collectors

TS flat-plate collectors

Flat-plate solar panels have the longest tradition in the field of solar energy and have recently made significant technological advances. A solar collector allows solar energy to be converted into heat, which can be used for a variety of purposes. As a rule, the heat generated is used to heat domestic water, to support heating or to heat water in swimming pools. The advantage of the TS collector is its construction, which allows universal installation.

Features that convince you of the quality of the TS flat plate collector

The quality of the materials used to ensure a long collector lifetime and maximum heat absorption are of the utmost importance for the TS collector. In addition, the collector is characterised by its universal mounting and other essential features, the most important of which are:

  • The core of the TS collector is an aluminium absorber coated with a highly selective coating, which allows up to 95 % heat absorption and excellent solar energy efficiency even in less favourable weather conditions.
  • The solar glass used in the construction of the TS collector has a 90 % transmittance and is highly resistant to mechanical damage. The glass is fixed to the housing using a specially developed two-component adhesive, which allows extremely precise manufacturing and perfect sealing.
  • The collector is insulated with 40 mm thick mineral wool for excellent thermal insulation.
  • The manifold has a sleeve on the side for correct installation of the temperature sensor without additional elements.
  • The back of the collector is protected by a specially designed aluminium plate.
Features that convince of the quality of the TS Flat-plate collector

Possible collector layouts

Possible Collector Layouts

Improved collector ventilation system prevents rusting

The collector boasts an improved ventilation system that completely prevents water ingress. At the same time, this system allows the collector to be mounted vertically and horizontally. In the event of major temperature changes, the improved ventilation system ensures the rapid and complete elimination of dew.

Collector manufacturing standards

The TS collector meets the high technical standards and requirements in solar collector technology. Production is carried out on a fully robotic production line, which ensures extremely precise manufacturing. To ensure 100% tighter joints, each collector is pressure tested to 15 bar. This excellence is confirmed by the KEYMARK quality certificate for solar systems issued by the Austrian Institute of Technology.

Key features of the TS flat plate collector

  • Extremely high efficiency thanks to solar glass and super-selective absorber.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • The collector can be installed vertically or horizontally,
  • The ingenious design allows mounting on the roof, in the roof or on a flat roof,
  • Up to 6 collectors can be connected without intermediate flexible links,
  • Minimum distance between collectors (only 55 mm),
  • It weighs only 35 kg, which makes it easy to carry and does not put any strain on the roof structure,
  • Fully automated production on a modern robotic line ensures maximum precision and high quality,
  • Each collector is pressure tested to 15 bar.
  • European quality mark for solar products SOLAR KEYMARK.
  • Long lifetime.
  • 10 year warranty.

Technical data for the TS flat-plate collector

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