Biomass stoves as a heating source

Advantages of modern biomass stoves

Technology in the development of biomass boilers has made significant progress in recent years. Manufacturers have focused on improvements in the essential weaknesses of older stoves, such as poor efficiency, irrational use of the energy produced, control of the operation and comfort of such heating systems.

The result is that we have on the market excellent wood biomass stoves, with state-of-the-art systems in wood combustion technology, reducing harmful emissions, increasing efficiency, and reducing loading and cleaning requirements. Another advantage of heating with biomass is that the current price of the energy source is affordable. Of course, biomass as an energy source also has certain requirements. In fact, it needs a large and dry airy space for storage, which is not possible in all living environments. In addition, this type of heating also requires a space large enough to accommodate a stove and a suitable storage tank.

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Biomass - a renewable source of heating from our forests

At a time of volatility in global energy markets, biomass is the energy at our doorstep

54 % of our country's total land area is covered by forests, making woody biomass a domestic energy source independent of global energy trends. Biomass is a renewable source of energy which, when burnt, has a minimal impact on the environment. Choosing a wood biomass stove makes sense for energy renovations of older buildings, but is also increasingly being considered for new builds. By integrating wood biomass stoves into our heating systems, we will not only provide comfortable and economical heating, but also ensure healthy reproduction in our forests, contribute to balancing the CO2 balance and reduce the greenhouse effect.

When should we choose a biomass stove?

Biomass - a renewable source of heating
  • We are an investor that wants an affordable and highly reliable energy source, independent of global policies and decisions,
  • We have enough space for a fire room in which we can install the boiler and the storage tank,
  • We have a good quality fuel storage facility,
  • We don't mind the extra work to service the boiler (loading wood or pellets, cleaning ash),
  • We already have a biomass stove and want to replace it with a new, more efficient one.

You can get an EcoFund grant to invest in a biomass boiler

Eco Fund SubsidiesYou can get a grant to renovate your old heating system and install a new modern wood-burning biomass stove ECO Fund between €2,000 and €5,000.

Choosing biomass boilers

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