Convectors for space heating and cooling

When to choose convectors as a heating or cooling source ?

  • In case you want fast-response heating or cooling, or a combination of both.
  • For heating or cooling large rooms.
  • For heating or cooling rooms with large glass surfaces.
  • For buildings with low-temperature heating sources such as a heat pump.
  • To hide heating elements or install them in recesses where radiators would not have a satisfactory effect.
Convectors are devices that allow us to heat, cool and dehumidify rooms. The convector receives hot or cold water from a heat pump or other heating or cooling source. The water circulating through the register then gives off or removes heat to the surrounding air, depending on whether the convector is heating or cooling the space.

Floor convectors

Benefits of underfloor convectors

Floor convectors are modern heating or cooling appliances embedded in the ground. They are particularly suitable when, for aesthetic or other reasons, we do not want visible heating elements in a room. They are used for primary or secondary space heating, most often in combination with underfloor or radiator heating. They are an excellent solution for rooms with large glass surfaces, as they prevent dew on the basis of natural convection. They are recommended for car showrooms, hotels, shops, conservatories, galleries, commercial premises and apartments. 

Floor convectors are connected to a single-pipe or double-pipe conventional heating system. They operate on the principle of natural or forced air convection. Their main advantages are their high heating power and the rapid achievement of the desired room temperature. By installing thermostats and thermostatic valves, we can adjust the room temperature according to our wishes and needs.

Fan convectors

Advantages of fan convectors

There are two versions of fan convectors. The first one is visible in the room, here floor-mounted, wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted versions. The second version is almost invisible in the room, only the grille of the convector installed in a double ceiling or in a special shaft is visible. Fan-assisted convector heat exchangers operate on the principle of forced air circulation through a heat exchanger by means of a fan. The fan coil units can be connected to a single-pipe or double-pipe central heating system.

Fan coil units ensure an even room temperature throughout the year. In winter, they give off pleasant heat, more efficiently than conventional radiators. In summer, they work like an air conditioner - effectively cooling the air in the room. Convectors have a built-in system to regulate the fan speed according to the heat needs of the room. Their operation is economical and the room temperature is the same as your desired temperature. The operation of the convector is unobtrusive, almost inaudible. They are usually modern in design and can therefore be a quality addition to the interior.

Choice of convector

Electric convector tesy liveco cn051 with wifi control

Electric convector TESY LivEco, CN051, with wifi control

The LivEco Cloud offers high convenience thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi module for control via...

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Electric convector TESY HeatEco CN03 with mechanical thermostat seltron si

Electric convector TESY HeatEco, CN03, with mechanical thermostat

Electric convector heaters are used for independent heating of individual rooms or small apartments....

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