Heating with a fireplace

The magical crackle of fire in your home

The fireplace has long been more than just a decoration in a room, it has become a heating source on a par with other, more established heating sources. 

When is a fireplace a good choice for you as a heating source?

  • you own a holiday home, apartment or well-insulated house,
  • you have a place to store pellets or logs,
  •  you have space for a heat storage tank with a capacity of at least 1 000 litres,
  • you're an active person who doesn't mind a bit of extra work to keep your heating running smoothly,
  • you would like to have an economical and flexible heating system, independent of electricity and global energy prices.


Primary or supplementary heating source ?

A fireplace is used as a supplementary heating source when it is used to heat the room in which it is placed and adjacent rooms, by opening the door. It can also be used as a primary heating source, in which case it heats the whole building and the sanitary water. At Seltron we offer wide range of fireplaces  suitable for both primary and supplementary heating.

Hot-water or hot-air fireplace ?

Which fireplace to choose ?

When the fireplace is to be the main source of heating, the next decision is what kind of heat distribution system to use, hot water or hot air. Connect the hot water system to the existing central system heating, while in the warm-air option, heat is distributed through air ducts to the rooms to be heated.

Fireplaces blend beautifully into modern interior architecture. For examples of interiors with built-in fireplaces, see the article - Fireplaces for better quality living, warmth and comfort.

Choice of energy source

Logs, pellets, gas

In order to make the right choice of energy source, it is necessary to consider not only the price analysis, but also how much additional activity we want to invest in heating on a daily basis. If we are away from home a lot, a pellet stove is more suitable, although a wood-burning fireplace also works very autonomously, but such a system needs a storage tank of adequate capacity.

Selection of fireplaces

Alvesta wood-burning chimney stove, air

Alvesta wood burning stove, air

The THORMA Alvesta wood-burning stove can be used as a heat source for...

Per product
Andorra Exclusive wood-burning stove, air

Andorra Exclusive log burning stove, air

The THORMA Andorra Exclusive log-burning stove can be used as a heat source...

Per product
Atika Extra log-burning stove, air

Atika Extra log-burning stove, vented

The THORMA Atika Extra log-burning stove can be used as a heat source...

Per product
Andorra wood-burning stove, air

Andorra wood burning stove, air

The THORMA Andorra wood-burning stove can be used as a heat source for...

Per product
Falun II Aqua, Water, Log Stove, Fireplace

Falun II Aqua log burning stove, water

The THORMA Falun II Aqua log-burning stove is used as a heat source...

Per product
Flamma CS wood-burning stove, water

Flamma CS log burning stove, water

The EDILKAMIN Flamma/CS log-burning chimney stove is used as a heat source in various...

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