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A gas stove is part of a modern heating system

Gas is a heating source that provides a complete energy supply for your home. You can use it for space heating, domestic hot water and cooking. Gas heating produces a negligible amount of dust particles and significantly fewer emissions than other fossil fuels. A comprehensive natural gas network is available in more than 80 municipalities across Slovenia.

Gas heating, yes or no?

When is gas heating the right solution for you ?

  • if there is no heating plant in your property,
  • there is a gas installation in or near the building,
  • you want a heat generator with a good price/performance ratio,
  • you want to modernise your existing heating system with minimum cost and intervention,
  • you know that gas condensing technology has a future because of biogas,
  • you want an autonomous heating source with minimal maintenance.
Dimensions of the Daikin Condensing Gas Boiler

For what kind of buildings is it suitable?

Gas heating with a gas stove is suitable for almost any building.

Gas furnaces are suitable for all types of buildings, new buildings and existing buildings with underfloor or radiator heating systems. A gas stove is an excellent alternative to an oil, wood or other energy stove. Switching from an existing heating source to gas is fairly easy, only a replacement of the existing stove is needed. Of course, you should not forget to have the entire heating system professionally inspected and replace any worn-out parts.

109% efficiency

Condensing gas boilers achieve superior efficiencies

Combustion of one m3 1.7 kg of water vapour is released with the flue gases. In condensing gas boilers, instead of escaping through the chimney, the water vapour passes into a uniquely designed heat exchanger. Here, the thermal energy of the water vapour is converted into useful heating energy. This extra energy allows Benefits condensing boilers exceed 100%. You can read more about how gas condensing boilers work in this article, on their effectiveness.

Maximum level of operational reliability

Using natural gas as a heating source offers a high level of stability and reliability. Natural gas pipelines are installed underground, protected from the weather and natural disasters. The gas heating systems have, according to past experience, operated smoothly even in emergency situations.

Distribution of heating costs over the heating season

If you are connected to a natural gas supply, you don't need to worry about seasonal replenishment of your energy supply, because it is supplied all year round without our intervention. Consumption is billed monthly and heating costs are spread over the heating season, which is an added advantage for many users. Gas price list of Plinarna Maribor.

Environmentally friendly energy

Natural gas is the most environmentally friendly of the fossil fuels. If you decide to switch your heating from other fossil fuels to natural gas, you will significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gases and carbon emitted by your household. Natural gas has been shown to produce significantly less carbon dioxide than other fossil heating fuels:

  • 45 % less than coal,
  • 30 % less compared to oil,
  • 15 % less compared to wood.

Low maintenance costs

Gas stoves also have the advantage of stable energy prices and low maintenance costs.

Choice of gas boilers

Daikin Altherma 3 C Gas Condensing Boiler

Altherma 3 C Gas condensing boiler

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