Condensing gas boiler and heat pump

Daikin Altherma Hybrid gas systems

Hybrid alone Choice during operation heat pump only, condensing gas boiler only or a combination of both. If the ambient temperatures are such that the heat pump can operate economically, the building shall be heated by the heat pump. In conditions of extremely low temperatures, which are unfavourable for the operation of the heat pump, a gas condensing boiler shall be used. If the heat pump needs a little extra help to reach the required temperatures, both heating sources shall be operated.

Two merged into one

Condensing gas boiler and heat pump combined into an unbeatable duo

Combining a condensing gas boiler and a heat pump into a hybrid wall-mounted unit is an outstanding solution, so in the field of heat pumps, as in the field of gas boilers. It is suitable for both new buildings and renovations. It can be used for low-temperature underfloor heating, wall heating, high-temperature radiator heating or a combination of these. Daikin Altherma Hybrid combines two heat sources (gas and air heat) and always chooses the most economical and efficient one, depending on the outside temperature and the heat needs of the building. An existing gas furnace can be easily replaced with a Hybrid Heat Pump at no extra cost, without the need for any special adaptations to the installation, as both versions have the same dimensions. Read more Daikin website.

You can get an ECO Fund grant for your investment in a condensing gas boiler

Heat pump heating is one of the renewable sources for which the government offers grants and low-cost loans. The installation of a heat pump for central space heating is eligible for grants ECO Fund up to 50 % of the eligible investment costs

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Daikin Altherma 3 C Gas Condensing Boiler

Altherma 3 C Gas condensing boiler

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