Room thermostats

Simple and efficient temperature control

Room thermostats are devices for temperature control in apartments or small buildings. Place it in the living room away from windows, heating elements or the fireplace. It works by measuring the room temperature and regulating heating or cooling based on this. The disadvantage of regulating based on the temperature of a reference room is that it is influenced by various factors such as cooking, ventilation, the presence of several people, all of which have an effect on the increase or decrease of the temperature. The measured temperature is not the same as the actual temperature in the building, which can affect the heating quality of the other rooms. In smaller buildings, the problem can be remedied by opening the door and allowing heat to flow from room to room.

Seltron room thermostats

with user-friendly features

Easy correction of temperature and time programmes

Easy room temperature correction from 10 to 30 °C. Setting the time programme according to which the room thermostat will heat or cool the room.

Party function

Quick action corrections - PARTY. The extended heating function allows you to extend the comfort heating mode for a preset period of time at the touch of a button.

ECO function

Quick corrections - ECO. If you are leaving the room for a longer period of time, you can use the ECO or the comfort heating cutback function to lower the room temperature for the time you are away.

Holiday programme

Quick action corrections - Holiday action programme. When you go on holiday, you can activate a special holiday space heating saving mode. Time the operation of the holiday scheme to the time before you return home. This way, you will be greeted by a warm home despite the intermediate energy-saving operation.

Heating System, Room thermostats

Protecting the heating system

Protecting the heating system. The thermostat protects your heating system from freezing. If the room thermostat is publicly accessible, you can disable the ability to change the settings by locking it.

Data display, Room thermostats

Display of data

Displaying data on the screen. The large display shows information on set and measured temperatures, time, the programme currently running and information on the domestic water heating.

Choosing room thermostats

Room thermostat RT.., WT..

WT1B Wireless Digital Room Thermostat

The WT1B wireless digital room thermostat is designed for controlling the room temperature in...

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Room thermostat RT.., WT..

RT1B Digital Room Thermostat

The RT1B digital room thermostat is designed for indoor temperature control,...

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