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Zone heating gives the user extra comfort and has become almost standard for modern heating systems. Basically, zone heating is understood as adjusting the temperature of individual rooms according to the preferences and needs of the users. We supply the building and each of its zones with just the right amount of energy to compensate for its heat losses. Before starting to implement zone heating, it is important to consider how many rooms you want to heat independently and what temperatures you want to achieve in those rooms. 

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We have different versions of zonal heating control

There are two ways of doing zone control. Classic thermostatic zone heating controlwhere the temperature is regulated by room thermostats that directly control the thermo drives. The second way is to regulate the modern zone heating controllers. Such control is much more precise, allowing greater zone autonomy, easier implementation and more economical operation of the whole heating system.

Powerful zone controller

Seltron ZCE

Seltron ZCE zone controllers are the only one on the marketwhich in addition to regulating the temperature of individual zones, they also regulate the operation of the entire heating system. The ZCE can regulate the energy source, switch on the circulating pump and control the mixing valve at the hot water inlet to the system. The inlet temperature can be controlled by a constant temperature system or by the outside temperature (weather-controlled). The Seltron ZCE zone controller allows the control of underfloor, wall or convector heating or cooling.

Seltron ZCE MG 1091 Built-in Zonal Control Cabinet

Selection of zone controllers

ZCE6 Advance Zone Heating Controller

Conical heating controller ZCE6 Advance

The ZCE6 controllers are designed to regulate zone heating and/or cooling. The control is...

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ZCE6 Basic Zone Heating Controller

Conical heating controller ZCE6 Basic

ZCE basic controllers are designed to regulate zone heating and/or cooling. The...

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