Storage tanks

A solution for storing excess heat energy

When sizing a heating appliance, we usually choose a power output that will meet the heating demand, even in the most adverse weather conditions, which means very low outside temperatures. Low temperatures typically last for a few days, but for most of the heating season they are above freezing. Under these conditions, the heating devices operate up to 60 % or less of their rated power, resulting in less efficient operation. 

If a heat store is built into the system, the operation of the heating appliances can be optimised, meaning that they operate at the power at which they are most efficient, and the heat produced is stored in the heat store and later fed to different consumers depending on the needs of the heating system.

Which systems

do they need a heat store ?

  • heating systems with log, woodchip and pellet boilers,
  • heating systems with water fireplaces,
  • solar systems,
  • some heat pump systems.
  • Sanitary water heating as part of the building heating system

    Example of use

    Heat storage with solar thermal system

    We have a powerful solar system on the roof to heat the domestic water. In good weather conditions, the collectors heat the water in the boiler to the desired temperature within a few hours, at which point the heating stops. In this case, if we had a heat store, we could divert the excess energy to the heat store and store it there. The available quantity of, for example, 300 l of hot water is quickly used up and if the conditions for solar heating of the hot water are not available in the following days, the boiler has to be heated with a boiler or an electric heater.
    If the excess heat has been stored in a heat store, it can be used to heat the domestic water for the next few cloudy days.
    Vaccum Collectors, Good to know Storage tanks

    Example of use

    Heat storage with solid fuel boiler

    With solid fuel boilers, it is difficult to control combustion and thus energy production. If the boiler is fired at full power, the desired room temperature is quickly reached.The combustion of solid fuels in a stove cannot be interrupted, such as the combustion of oil or gas. In good stoves and with good quality control technology, good combustion can be achieved even at 40 % load. If the load is lowered below this value, combustion disturbances occur, efficiency drops and incompletely combusted wood gases cause severe environmental pollution.If a heat exchanger is installed, the solid fuel boiler operates at its rated output during operation, allowing the best efficiency. All the energy generated is stored in a storage tank and optimally fed into the heating system by means of appropriate control.
    This way, we gain two benefits, namely:
    • make the most of the energy,
    • the desired room temperature is reached, as is used to with oil or gas boilers.
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    Selection of storage tanks

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    Sanitary water heat exchanger ZSO

    The ZSO heat storage tank (storage tank) is an intermediate element of the central heating...

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    ZO heat meter

    A heat storage tank (storage tank) is an intermediate element of a central heating system and is used...

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