Heat pumps for sanitary water

Why do investors choose to buy ?

Apart from heating the house, heating the domestic water supply is the second biggest cost in the family budget. You can find out how much energy you use to heat your domestic water with our calculated 1 or calculated 2. In most cases, domestic hot water heating is provided in conjunction with space heating during the heating season. What about outside the heating season?
 Nowadays, it has become almost a matter of course to use a heat pump for domestic water heating or a solar thermal system. A solar system allows us to heat domestic hot water using the sun's energy, while a heat pump extracts the energy needed to heat domestic hot water from the air. Both sources are renewable and cost-effective.
Seltron San Bathroom Hot Water Heat Pump Installation

Seltron SAN heat pump

Efficiency and benefits of a heat pump for heating domestic hot water

The Seltron SAN heat pump achieves COP 3,7 and is one of the most efficient on the market. The integrated differential regulator and additional heat exchanger allow heating of domestic water using an additional source (boiler or solar system). The user can independently choose the source of domestic hot water heating according to availability and affordability. The SAN heat pump belongs to energy class A+. 

Article : Ensvet Energy Consulting - Renewable source for hot water and heating - heat pump

What kind of heat pump do I need to heat my domestic hot water?

The average family needs 50-80 litres of hot water per person per day. Of course, consumption depends on the season and the different needs of the family members. If you are a young family of 4, a heat pump with a capacity of up to 300 litres is suitable.

Can I use the heat pump for heating domestic hot water for another purpose?

A heat pump extracts heat from the surroundings for its basic operation, and this feature can be used to cool a room such as a storeroom or cellar.

Heat pumps for sanitary water

DAIKIN Altherma M heat pump for domestic hot water

DAIKIN Altherma M heat pump for domestic hot water

The Daikin Altherma M domestic hot water heat pump is a brand new...

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SAN heat pump for sanitary water

SAN heat pump for sanitary water

The SAN heat pump enables extremely efficient and economical heating of domestic water, as...

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