Oil condensing boilers

Replacement of an existing, dilapidated furnace

An oil-fired condensing boiler is a great replacement for an old oil stove or any other energy source. There is still a high proportion of outdated oil stoves in Slovenian homes with low efficiency. There is also still a fairly high proportion of combi boilers where the efficiency is also questionable and generally does not exceed 75 %. It is precisely in such cases that replacing an old less efficient boiler with a new one can be a very rational decision.

Heating with Oil
Oil condensing boilers

Modern heating management

Heating with an oil condensing boiler enables modern heating management

A great boiler alone is not enough to make a heating system work well. To ensure that your heating system works economically and according to your needs, you need to upgrade it with a powerful heating controller. At Seltron, we have added the extremely powerful KXD20 controller to our modern oil condensing boiler, which combines the functionality of a boiler controller and a weather-controlled controller. The KXD controller ensures that the boiler operates correctly, regulates the two mixing circuits based on ambient and room temperature, and provides domestic hot water. By installing the optional GWD module and using the CLAUSIUS app, the heating can also be controlled and monitored remotely.

Replace your old boiler with a new one

and thus recoup your investment in the form of fuel in just a few years

The investment in the heating system is evaluated over the payback period in terms of savings. Although fuel oil prices are not as low as in previous years, they are stable in the longer term. Global production capacity is growing faster than demand. In any case, heating with oil remains one of the most comfortable ways to heat. Add to this the replacement of an old, worn-out stove with a new low-temperature or condensing oil boiler, we will recoup our investment in a few years.

Selection of oil condensing boilers

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