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Become the repairer with the shortest response time

Customers are extremely vulnerable when their heating system breaks down. A quick response from the service technician is therefore very important, especially in the event of low outside temperatures and the consequent rapid cooling of buildings. Offer help to the customer before they realise their heating system is faulty. Don't believe it's possible? With the Kelvin App, the technician has access to data on the performance of his customers' heating systems. At the moment of a fault on any object, the KELVIN App detects the fault and displays a notification. Depending on how the fault affects the operation of the heating system, the technician decides on the urgency of the repair. Buildings have a certain temperature inertia and if the technician reacts quickly, the fault can be rectified before the temperature in the building drops to a level that the customer would feel. She will certainly be surprised and satisfied by the speed of the response. And a satisfied customer is the best investment in expanding your business.

The KELVIN mobile app

Modern service control of heating systems

Operational overview

Reviewing the performance of customers' heating systems.

Overview of the data

View data, measured and calculated temperatures and the status of control outputs.

Changes to the way you work

Changes to the Party, Eco and Holiday operating modes, time programmes, temperatures and user functions.


Notification by displaying active or archived faults and notifications.


Diagnosis and fast fault location.

Parameter correction

Parameter correction and changes to the controller's operating configuration.

Creating a client list

Creating a customer list with information on the operation of heating systems.

Navigation information

Navigation information for fast customer journeys.

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