Solar system

Solar thermal - a renewable source of domestic water heating

Slovenia has great potential for harnessing solar energy, but above all, the sun is an inexhaustible and inexhaustible natural resource that is accessible to all. Solar energy is environmentally friendly because it does not emit harmful substances. By exploiting solar energy, we replace a significant share of fossil fuel consumption.

Solar energy is harnessed in two ways:

  • with a solar hot water and space heating system,
  • solar panels to generate electricity with a solar power system.

Solar panels

What are the advantages of each collector design?

One of the simplest ways of harnessing solar energy is to install solar collectors, also called solar receivers (SRS) or solar panels. These are used to heat domestic water or heat a building.
Solar collectors are divided into two basic groups, namely flat plate and vacuum collectors. Each design has its advantages and disadvantages. Flat plate collectors are still the predominant choice as they are more affordable and, in addition to their good thermal efficiency, they are also very resistant to weather and small hail. 

The essential components of a solar system are the collectors, a boiler or storage tank adapted to the solar system, and a expansion tank,
pump and solar controller. 

Solar Collectors

How do they work ?

Solar Water Heating System

The process of operating a solar flat plate system can be described in three steps:

  • The solar energy is absorbed in the collector through a special absorber film that covers the pipe system containing the heating medium,
  • the medium is transported to the solar boiler or hot water storage tank by means of a pump,
  • The hot water coming from the solar system heats the domestic water through the heat exchanger. If not all the available energy is used to heat the domestic hot water, the excess can also be used to support the heating.

A solar system needs a suitable heating controller

The solar system must be regulated by a heating controller for optimal and safe operation. The controller has the function of controlling the heat transfer from the solar system to the storage tank. In case the temperature in the collectors is higher than in the storage tank, it switches on the pump for the hot water flow to the storage tank. If there is no useful temperature in the collectors, use another available heat source (boiler, heater or heat pump) to heat the domestic hot water.  Seltron SGC regulators In addition to the above, they also serve to protect the collectors from overheating or freezing.

Solar System

What is the efficiency of flat plate collectors?

Solar System
Flat-plate solar collectors with an absorber covered by a selective coating are currently at the top of the solar energy market in terms of efficiency and solar yields. They allow up to 95 % of heat absorption, while at the same time giving good solar efficiencies even in less favourable conditions. The differences in quality between the individual products are reflected in the sealing and insulation of the collector.

Choosing solar systems

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