Domestic water heaters

Domestic water heating options

Every household needs heated sanitary water every day. Sometimes we don't even realise how much energy to heat it needed per day. Water heating is a major item on a household's energy and cost balance sheet, so it makes sense to consider all the options before investing.

Design according to heating system:

  • Water is heated by an electric boiler,
  • with a heat pump for heating domestic hot water,
  • with a solar system,
  • water is heated by the primary source for heating the building,
  • or a combination of all these options.
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Heating domestic water with electricity

Electric hot water heating is suitable for smaller families or individuals living in dwellings where the heating system is already installed and heating of domestic hot water is dealt with individually. An electric water heater is also useful in kitchens where smaller quantities of water need to be heated to a higher temperature.

Solar system

Heating domestic water with a solar system

For years, we have been using solar thermal systems as a source of domestic hot water heating in our households. A solar system can provide up to 70 % of domestic hot water during the warm months. This can be done with a special boiler adapted for solar systems or with a heat storage tank. The advantage of systems with a storage tank is that the surplus energy not used for heating domestic hot water can be used for space heating. In both cases, such a system needs an appropriate controller.

Heating system

Heating domestic water with a heating system

In most cases, domestic hot water heating is part of the heating system of a building. In the case of a heating system that requires a storage tank, a type of storage tank with the possibility of heating domestic water is selected. For systems where a storage tank is not practical, such as systems with oil, gas or heat pump boilers, a boiler adapted to these systems shall be selected to heat the domestic hot water. In summer, the domestic water can be heated with the primary heating source (boiler, heat pump) or with an optional electric heater. Of course, these systems also need a suitable heating controller for economical and harmonised operation.

Seltron Sgc Differential Regulators

Heating controller

The role of a heating controller or differential thermostat in a solar system

The solar system must be regulated by a heating controller or differential thermostat for optimal and safe operation. Both have the function of controlling the transfer of heat from the solar system to the storage tank. In case the temperature in the collectors is higher than in the storage tank, the hot water pump shall be switched on to flow hot water to the storage tank. If there is no useful temperature in the collectors, use another available heat source (boiler, heater or heat pump) to heat the domestic hot water.  Seltron regulators and Differential thermostats In addition to the above, they also serve to protect the collectors from overheating or freezing.

Selection of boilers for sanitary water

GSV Sanitary Water Heater for Solar Systems

GSV sanitary water heater for solar systems

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GSV sanitary water heater

GSV sanitary water heater

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